Behind the Scenes of our Grocery Shopping Photo Shoot

Behind the Scenes of our Grocery Shopping Photo Shoot

Have a look behind-the-scenes of our recent Green Purse PR photo shoot showing a millennial aged grocery shopper throughout her shopping journey.

Get to know your female millennial consumers

Get to know your female millennial consumers

How well do you know your female millennial consumers? Unless you're shopping alongside your consumers, you may have no idea how they learn about products, who influences their purchases or how your products fit into their lives.

Read on to download our new #GetInHerCart Workbook all about health-conscious, female, millennial shoppers.

Good to be back in Sydney, Australia

Green Purse PR's Lisa Mabe Back in Sydney

It was so nice to be back in Sydney during June to speak at conferences and meet with some of Green Purse PR's clients. Being previously based in Sydney, many of our clients are in Australia and it's a place I absolutely love. 

Below are some photos showing a visual recap of my recent business trip. Highlights of the trip included speaking about marketing to millennial consumers at the Naturally Good Business Summit, and Naturally Good Expo / Fantastic Food + Drink Show. More on those trade shows + links to my presentations here.

While there, I toured some of the local grocery stores, and visited some of my old stomping ground. Have a look at some of the grocery stores we visited here:

The Australian market continues to be a major focus for myself and Green Purse PR. Australia has a lot to offer the world in terms of natural and organic products. I'm keen to help those companies be successful in markets like the USA, Middle East and Asia. Learn more about our expertise and capabilities here and contact me if you're keen to learn more. 

- Lisa Mabe-Konstantopoulos, Founder, Green Purse PR

Curious to know what women in the USA think about products from Australia?

Watch this video I produced, featuring our shop-along research, for the Naturally Good Expo.

Photo Tour | Whole Foods Market in Las Vegas, Nevada

Photo Tour | Whole Foods Market in Las Vegas, Nevada

Here's a photo tour through the Whole Foods Market store in Las Vegas, Nevada located right off the Las Vegas Boulevard. 

Will Grocers Like Whole Foods Market Reinvent the 'Meal Kit?'

Will Grocers Like Whole Foods Market Reinvent the 'Meal Kit?'

Grocery retailers are starting to experiment with the 'meal kit' concept. Here's a new display we spotted at Whole Foods Market.

Speaking Engagement | Lisa Speaking at SupplySide West, Las Vegas Sept. 26

We are excited to announce that Green Purse PR Founder & CEO, Lisa Mabe, will be a speaker at the trade show and conference, SupplySide West September 26, 2017 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

CPG manufacturers, marketers and formulators rely on SupplySide West when searching for their next innovative ingredient. More than 15,000 people will attend SupplySide West -- companies in the global dietary supplement, functional food and beverage, personal care, and sports nutrition industries to drive their innovation, growth and profitability, with input from purchasing, R&D, product development, executive management, marketing, compliance, supply chain management, QA/QC and more.

Lisa's session, How Millennials Are Transforming Modern Marketing, will focus on how health-conscious Millennials think, behave, buy and share. The session takes place Tuesday, September 26 at 9 AM.

For more details on the panel presentation, click this link. Also listen to this new podcast from Natural Products Insider where Lisa previews some insights on millennial women that she will share at the workshop at SupplySide West. 

Plan to join us if you are attending the trade show. If you are interested, but cannot attend the event in person, follow the dialogue online by using the hashtag, #SSWExpo. Follow Lisa on Twitter @LisaMabe and the conference at @supplyside both will be tweeting from the show.

Stay tuned on our speaker page for other upcoming speaking engagements. 


Photo Tour | Woolworths in Crows Nest, Sydney

I recently returned from a business trip to Sydney, Australia, where I used to be based. I was in town to speak at the Naturally Good Expo and Naturally Good Business Summit. While there I had a look at some of Sydney's grocery retail scene, including some of the stores I used to shop at when I lived in Sydney.

One of the stores I visited was Woolworths in Crows Nest. This 'Woolies' store just reopened in April 2016 after two years of major renovation. I shopped at this Woolies during my time in Sydney; last time I was here it was still being demolished. Now, $52 million later in redevelopment, it's a completely different store. Previously it was a very tired, soulless, one-level store -- the kind that's so unpleasant, you can hardly wait to get out of it. Now it's shiny, new and includes multiple-levels. 

Below are some photos I took of Woolworths located at 10 Falcon St, Crows Nest NSW 2065, Australia.

Woolworths - Crows Nest, Sydney

Woolworths - Crows Nest, Sydney

Such a beautiful structure on the outside. Crows Nest is an adorable community, but it could use some updating. The new Woolworths helps modernise the community. 


Main level includes lots of grab & go options.


Spotted several products featuring the Australian Certified Organic bud, Australia's most recognised organic certification amongst Australian consumers.


This Thomas Dux corner on the first floor made me sad. I'm glad Woolworths still managed to let the brand live on in some form, but I'm disappointed that the stand alone stores no longer exist. Thomas Dux Grocer closed about two years ago. There used to be an outstanding Thomas Dux right around the corner from here; it's now a different store, called About Life. Read my blog post, photo tour of About Life here.


Stayed tuned here on our blog, #GetInHerCart, for more information on grocery retail and from our travels around the world as we speak at various conferences and conduct shopper research in different markets. 

Photo Tour | Fourth Village Providore in Mosman, Sydney

While in Sydney recently I had to make a pit stop to one of my most favourite specialty food grocers, Fourth Village Providore, in Mosman.

Fourth Village Providore is a European style specialty food market, featuring award-winning locally grown foods, as well as a restaurant, featuring a wood-fired pizza oven.

I used to live in Mosman, right down the street from Fourth Village Providore, and it was my go-to place for specialty food items. I happen to think they have the best fresh-squeezed orange juice in the world!

Below are some photos I took of Fourth Village Providore located at 5A Vista St, Mosman NSW 2088, Australia.


Stayed tuned here on our blog, #GetInHerCart, for more information on grocery retail and from our travels around the world as we speak at various conferences and conduct shopper research in different markets. 

Photo Tour | About Life in Crows Nest, Sydney

I recently returned from a few weeks working in Australia. During my time in Sydney (my old home) I visited several grocery retailers, including some of my old go-to spots from when I lived in Sydney. 

For me, I study (through shop-along research) how health-conscious consumers around the world grocery shop, so I'm always keen to have a look at the in-store environment, identify new products and try to understand what's resonating with shoppers. 

One of the stores I visited is About Life in Crows Nest, on Sydney's Lower North Shore. About Life is a natural supermarket and whole foods cafe with seven locations in Sydney and one in Melbourne (as of this writing.) This store was converted from a Thomas Dux Grocer store (sadly, no longer with us) to About Life about two years ago. About Life, Crows Nest is located at: 13 Willoughby Rd, Crows Nest NSW 2065, Australia. When I lived in Sydney, and this was still Thomas Dux Grocer, this store was where we bought most of our groceries. 

The layout of the store is mostly the same as it was under Thomas Dux.  It now features a cafe section and has been re-skinned for the About Life brand. This is a great store to discover unique and healthy products, from fresh food and packaged snacks to natural nappies and body care.

Below are photos I took while visiting About Life located at 13 Willoughby Rd, Crows Nest NSW 2065, Australia.



Stayed tuned here on our blog, #GetInHerCart, for more information on grocery retail and from our travels around the world as we speak at various conferences and conduct shopper research in different markets. 



Have a look inside the new James St Market in the Fortitude Valley neighborhood of Brisbane, in Queensland, Australia. 

What do American women think about products from Australia & New Zealand?

Watch health-conscious American women tell us their impression of products from Australia and New Zealand

For companies keen to export to the USA, it's critical to understand the retail landscape and how consumers shop for products in their category. Before coming to Sydney to speak at the Naturally Good Expo, we crafted a short film featuring 'woman-on-the-street' style interviews.

We specifically targeted health-conscious women, asking them about products like fresh beef and lamb, as well as baby products, body care and healthy snacks. Watch the video below.

We regularly conduct shop-along research with female shoppers around the world. Our clients (and their retail customers) value the insights and practical recommendations we garner as a result of shopping with women who already shop at retail stores where our clients' products are sold.

We know Australia and New Zealand have a lot to offer consumers at home and abroad. Both countries have exceptional reputations for producing high quality, clean and green products that appeal to those looking for healthier options. The better you understand your shoppers, the more successful you can be to serve up the right kinds of marketing content at the right times and in the right places.  

Contact us to learn more about our shop-along research and how we use shopper insights to build and execute successful consumer-facing PR and social communications programs. 

Recap of Naturally Good Expo in Sydney, Australia

Download my presentations from Naturally Good Expo

I just wrapped up several days at the Naturally Good Expo and Business Summit here in Sydney, Australia where I spoke to some of Australia and New Zealand's leading natural products and retail companies. During the conference and trade show, I spoke about marketing to health-conscious women, mums and millennials. 

While the sessions were not recorded, I have published my presentations online (see form below at the end of this blog post) for you to have a look at, as well as the video that I produced for attendees of Naturally Good Expo. 

As you may already know, I've gotten to know the market here well (I used to be based in Sydney,) am here a few times per year, and am particularly passionate about helping market products from this region to overseas consumers, in places like the USA, Canada, the Middle East and parts of Asia.

For those focused on exporting, getting a good distributor and onto retail shelves or online is NOT enough to be successful in places where you have little to no brand awareness. My consultancy, Green Purse PR, works with companies in Australia and New Zealand to help them understand their shoppers (through our shop-along research) and work on public relations and social media marketing programs to connect directly with health-conscious shoppers.

We support clients with research, strategy and executing ongoing public relations programs. For those who may just be after some initial direction, ideation, training or feedback, we also offer consulting, including one-hour, virtual consult sessions to get you headed in the right direction. 

If you're keen to create more awareness and drive sales at retail or online, contact us. Happy to have an initial chat about our expertise and services, as well as learn where your products are sold, who your target consumers are and what we can do to help you engage with shoppers and drive sales. 

Please fill out this form for access to both of my presentations (Get In Her Trolley & The Next Generation of Shoppers) from Naturally Good Expo. If you are unable to fill out the form, email me at lisa {at} and I'll send directly to you. Cheers!  - Lisa, CEO of Green Purse PR

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Get in Her Trolley | Presentation + Video from Naturally Good Business Summit

For those who attended Naturally Good Expo's Business Summit in Sydney, view Lisa's presentation, 'Get In Her Trolley,' and accompanying video below.


Fill in your contact information in the form below and press 'submit' to receive a link to our presentation.

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We're happy to chat to you about the value of getting to know your female shoppers, in the Australian market, as well as in export markets like the North America, Middle East and Asia. Contact us to learn more about our shop-along research service.

Photo Tour | Whole Foods Market - Westchase in Houston, Texas

Photo Tour | Whole Foods Market - Westchase in Houston, Texas

They say everything's bigger in Texas. Even the Whole Foods Market stores are bigger!

We visited the Westchase store in Houston, Texas. What a huge, beautiful store and a real treat to explore the many expansive sections. A newer store layout, see our photo tour to survey what a large, newer Whole Foods Market store is like.