We're curious to learn about the Mānuka honey products that end up in your shopping cart and into your life.

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Mānuka honey is one of the fastest growing categories in the health and functional foods market. Green Purse PR is currently recruiting for a new shopper research project focused on Mānuka honey. We're curious to explore how people learn about, shop for, and use Mānuka honey. 

We are experts in the natural products industry and work with companies to better understand how health-conscious consumers shop through our proprietary method of shopper research, including one-on-one shopper interviews and shop-along sessions. 

Who We Want to Interview

We are looking to conduct in-person shopper interviews and shop-along sessions with both women and men in and around the San Francisco and Los Angeles, California areas during July 2018. Whether you buy Mānuka honey for skincare, as a nutritional supplement, a superfood, healing purposes, to boost immunity, or to consume just for taste, we're interested in talking with you about all things honey. Participants must: regularly purchase and use Mānuka honey, live in or around San Francisco or Los Angeles, and have disposable income for higher end purchases. 


We will narrow down a list of participants and schedule a time to meet with you in person, either at a supermarket, cafe or a focus group conference room. During our interview with participants, we'll likely have a look at several different Mānuka honey products to get your thoughts on things like packaging, use, product format, and price point. We may also want to browse the supermarket aisle where honey products are sold to understand what stands out to you and why. Lastly, we'll also talk about how you perceive Mānuka honey, how you use it, and what impact you believe it makes in your life. All shopper interviews are conducted by Green Purse PR CEO, Lisa Mabe-Konstantopoulos. Learn more about Lisa and her work in shopper research here

What's in it for you

If selected to participate in our research -- in exchange for 30-40 minutes of your time during a shopper interview, we will provide all research participants with one $50 USD gift card to the supermarket of your choice. In addition to the gift card, other shopper research participants tell us that simply being able to share their feedback with companies is rewarding. Participants will also likely get some value out of our conversation as well. We expect you'll find this experience fun and a good learning experience, well worth your time. You will especially enjoy this if you've never participated in shoppe research before. In fact, we prefer conducting our research with regular people who have NOT participated in research before. That's part of our approach and it tends to help us garner the most authentic and useful feedback for our clients. 


We're offering a $50 gift card for participating

Those selected to participate in our research will be given one $50 USD gift card to the American supermarket of their choice.

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If you are interested in participating, please fill out the form below. Shopper interviews will be conducted in San Francisco, and Los Angeles California during July 2018. We will contact well qualified participants to arrange details, such as date and location for conducting our shopper interview or shop-alongs. Feel free to share this information with others you know how buy and use Mānuka honey.

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