3 Ways Retailers Can Win With New Moms Online

I recently struck up a conversation one morning with fellow first-time mom while browsing fresh produce at a local specialty grocer. Both of us were closely examining the shop's organic sweet potatoes, looking for the very best ones. She offered me a tip she had recently learned -- that this grocer did not mind if you open up the pre-bagged potatoes and make your selection from there. We then realized we both had babies around the same age, and began exchanging ideas around home-made first solid food for babies. 

As our conversation progressed, I learned that this woman shopped nearly every morning at this store for fresh foods, primarily to make her own organic baby food at home. Just think, if other mothers are shopping that frequently for baby food supplies, this could dramatically change the way this retailer merchandises some of their products. Retailers have to be aware of this in order to leverage it. We both agreed that we would appreciate it if retailers, like the one we were shopping at, would better realize new moms' needs and better appeal to the way we discover products and shop. 

I then shared with the lady that I actually work in the food industry and that I would be curious to hear her ideas on how retailers could better connect with moms like her. She told me that she does a lot of her research and grocery planning online, and suggested that the retailer include helpful information for moms on their website or social media.

Like many new mothers from the Millennial generation, we are seeking out what we believe are the healthiest choices for our babies - in my case, only organic foods. It's a unique time for retailers to appeal to female shoppers as they enter a new life phase. As moms-to-be and new moms explore and discover their own way of eating for a healthy pregnancy, and later for feeding their little one, retailers can be there offering healthy suggestions and ideas along the way.

Here are 3 ways retailers can win the loyalty of new moms online:

  • Create a mom-centric section on your website for resources & special offers just for moms
  • Provide homemade baby food recipe ideas on Pinterest and curate some recipes from leading mom bloggers
  • Work with a local, influential nutritionist to offer healthy lifestyle tips and meal ideas for moms who visit your website or blog
Photo Source: Babble.com

Photo Source: Babble.com

Retailers, how are you connecting with new moms, online and in-store? Have you researched how this group shops differently, how often they shop and what type of products they are looking for? 

Green Purse PR offers a unique way to uncover insights about new moms and the unique way they shop. Our Shop-Along research enables us to get a contextual, first-hand look at how moms discover, share and buy products for their new role as mothers. Work with Green Purse PR to shop a-long with some of your shoppers and uncover ways to better engage with them online and in-store.

-- Lisa Mabe-Konstantopoulos, Founder, Green Purse PR