How Lively Is Your Instagram Feed?

Women like to be inspired by brands, and one of the biggest opportunities to inspire each day is on the social network, Instagram. If your natural or organic brand is not on Instagram, you're already behind. Getting your brand on Instagram, however is not necessarily a guaranteed win. Like may social networks, it's crowded and competitive.

We know most Instagram users browse their feed multiple times per day, and in some cases, many (like myself) check it almost constantly -- waiting to receive that oh so validating Instagram love and comments on their latest, amazing gram. This means there are multiple times each day to influence Instagram users as they browse their feeds.

The key is to capture their curiosity, and then keep their attention. This strategy reminds me of a clever, memorable line Leonardo DiCaprio delivers in the movie, Django Unchained -- "... you had my curiosity, and now you have my attention."

Here are some of my favorite Instagram accounts that are unique, lively and certainly keep grammers' attention with fresh and fun content each day.

Photo Source: Pana Chocolate Instagram Page

Notice that the most recent grams from these brands seem to have some sort of theme, or consistent look and feel. This is most likely due to the fact that they know who their primary audience is and are optimizing their content to deliver what their followers want to see. One of the mistakes I often see companies make on Instagram is posting a hodgepodge of images. Like other forms of consumer communication, content for Instagram needs to be carefully planned and curated. 

Green Purse PR works with brands to carefully and thoughtfully plan out their social voice and determine the type of imagery that will appeal to their target audiences online. We produce social-media friendly photography that aims to inspire women and entice them to include our clients' products in their lifestyles. Contact us to begin planning your social media strategy and curating brand-appropriate images to keep the attention of your Instagram followers.

-- Lisa Mabe-Konstantopoulos, Founder, Green Purse PR