What's New for 2017: How Leading Brands are Unlocking Value + Creating Opportunity with a New Research Technique

Shop-Along Research a Stronger Focus in 2017

One of the many advantages of being a boutique consultancy, operating in both specific industries and very carefully defined consumer niches, is that we’re able to quickly adapt and create solutions that best meet our client’s rapidly-evolving needs.  We also focus only on those areas of public relations that we most enjoy and perform best at, with a hand-selected group of client’s we’ve chosen to support.  In 2017, Green Purse PR will be focusing even more on empowering companies through customized shopper research, what we call "shop-along research."

Our shop-along research is highly-specialized, qualitative research designed to help companies better understand their target consumer by observing the shopper inside the retail environment. This type of project enables us to work with a larger number of clients, and meet face-to-face with the consumer segments we focus most on, health-conscious women and moms. Our unique approach to shop-along research delivers some of the best value to our clients and is also the public relations service we enjoy most.

Green Purse PR serves clients globally, however we to tend to work most in the USA, Australia, Middle Eastern Gulf countries and Southeast Asia. We already have several shop-along projects scheduled across the globe for 2017!

While we are still supporting a select group of clients, (like OBE Organic in Australia, for nearly four years) executing their public relations on a long-term retainer basis, research and strategy are becoming a priority for Green Purse PR as well.

We look forward to sharing even more of our knowledge in the form of shopper research and strategy projects in 2017. Contact me, Lisa Mabe, if you're interested in learning how Green Purse PR can help your company get your products into more women's shopping carts this year! Contact me via email at lisa {@} greenpursepr.com, fill out our contact form or tweet to me at @LisaMabe. Happy New Year! 

- Lisa Mabe-Konstantopoulos, Founder, Green Purse PR

Photo by Green Purse PR during one of our shop-along research projects.

Photo by Green Purse PR during one of our shop-along research projects.