Retail Support to help Clients Navigate the Crowded American Retail Landscape

Retail support to help clients navigate the crowded American grocery landscape

Having someone physically on the ground in the American market is a valuable asset, especially if your company is based on the other side of the world, as many of our clients are. It's hard enough to enter the competitive and crowded American retail market for natural products, and even harder if you don't have someone here with in-market, category knowledge and expertise prepared to offer you current intel and recommendations to keep your brand ahead of the competition. 

We offer retail support, in the form of store visits, assisting in pitch meetings, customer relationship management and ongoing collaboration with retailers' PR teams. Essentially, our team can become your eyes and ears here and report back to ensure you're making the best decisions, whether that be around marketing or in how your product is being merchandised inside stores.

You'll find retail support listed under our retainer services here, however here is a bit more about what that service typically looks like. 

  • Store visits - in-person retail visits of your existing or prospective retail partners. We conduct intelligence gathering focused on your category or product set in the form of photos and written analysis, observations of the in-store environment as it relates to how your products or competitors' products are merchandised, and recommendations based on what we found in stores.

  • New business pitch meetings - we accompany our clients in their pitch meetings to help win new retail accounts. We demonstrate value in these meetings by presenting how the brand (our client) can create shopper awareness and drive demand so the retailer knows they have a good marketing partner once the product gets onto the shelf.

  • Customer relationship management - meet with your retail customers when you're not able to be here to foster the relationship yourself. Meetings typically focus on sales performance of products, ways to collaborate on co-marketing, and promotional planning.

  • PR collaboration - we create and maintain an ongoing relationship with your retail partners' PR, marketing and social communications teams to identify and execute mutually-beneficial earned media targeting their shoppers.

Store visits conducted by Green Purse PR

Store visits conducted by Green Purse PR

We are happy to speak with you about how we can support your brand at retail and site examples of how we are already successfully supporting other clients. Contact Lisa Mabe via email at lisa {at} or use our contact form.