Green Purse PR Founder to Speak at Naturally Good Expo in Sydney, Australia

Green Purse PR Founder to Speak at Naturally Good Expo in Sydney, Australia

We are excited to announce that Green Purse PR Founder & CEO, Lisa Mabe-Konstantopoulos, will be a speaker at the Naturally Good Expo in Sydney, Australia 4 June, 2017 at 11:30 AM.

Naturally Good Expo is the premier trade show for the natural, organic and healthy products community in Australia.  As the largest event of it’s type in the region, Naturally Good Expo gives pure and undiluted access to all the new and exciting opportunities represented in the fast growing health and wellness retail market.

Lisa's session, The next generation of shoppers – Connecting with millennial consumers, will cover:

  • How millennials think, behave and buy
  • How retailers and brands are adapting to meet the needs of millennials
  • Connecting with millennial consumers at home and abroad

Millennials are a driving force in the growth of natural, organic and healthy products. Health-conscious millennials have different values and expectations from brands and retailers. With more choices, on-demand services, and technology at their fingertips, millennials are demanding healthier options, redefining the retail landscape and changing the way marketers reach them. Lisa will share tried and tested strategies to resonate and connect with health-conscious millennial consumers, along with real examples from companies around the world. There are 4.2 million Australian millennials with a combined $530 million per year to spend. This session will cover how Australian companies can successfully reach millennial consumers at home and abroad.

For more details on the show or its education sessions, click here

Plan to join us if you are attending Naturally Good. If you are interested, but cannot attend the event in person, follow the dialogue online by using the hashtag, #NaturallyGoodExpo. Follow Lisa on Twitter @LisaMabe as she will be live tweeting from the show.

Source: Naturally Good Expo

Source: Naturally Good Expo

In addition to Naturally Good, Lisa is also speaking a few days before at the Naturally Good Business Summit, a growth strategy event that aims to push businesses to the next level. The one-day forum on 2 June will fuel strategic thinking, business development and industry connections. There, Lisa will present the keynote address on marketing to women, Get in her trolley: Global insights for connecting with women shoppers. More details on this summit here:

Lisa is CEO of Green Purse PR, a boutique research and public relations consultancy based Washington, DC. Lisa is an award-winning public relations expert with recognized expertise in social communications and marketing to women. Lisa has over 12 years experience working with leading companies around the world, including Australian companies like OBE Organic and Changing Habits. Although American, Lisa was previously based in Sydney, and is often in the region servicing clients throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Want to connect with Lisa ahead of the Expo? Contact her via this form.