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#GETINHERCART’S EXPERT Q&A SERIES | Insight into the American Market from Leading Beef Exporter in Australia, Dalene Wray of OBE Organic

#GETINHERCART’S EXPERT Q&A SERIES | Insight into the American Market from Leading Beef Exporter in Australia, Dalene Wray of OBE Organic

As part of our new #GetInHerCart Expert Q&A blog series, we are talking to some of our favorite industry experts around the world who share our curiosity for how consumers shop for natural products and what makes brands succeed in reaching them.

We recently had a chat to Dalene Wray, Managing Director of OBE Organic in Australia with offices in Brisbane and supplying grocery retailers around the world with their certified organic, grass fed and halal beef. If you work in Australia’s red meat industry, organic food industry or have ever been to Birdsville, you likely know or have heard of Dalene.

Not only does Dalene run Australia’s oldest producer of certified organic beef, she’s also a thought leader in all things beef, organic food, and sustainable agriculture. I’ve known Dalene since 2013 (when I had first moved to Sydney) and was one of my first clients in Australia and the first of my long string of meat industry clients. I was drawn to OBE given their forward-thinking around meeting the growing need of the halal food market around the world, a category I’ve heavily focused on here at Green Purse PR for nearly a decade now.

Having worked very closely with the OBE Organic team, I’ve seen first hand how Dalene works to build and grow OBE Organic’s business, but also contributes to making the entire Aussie beef and organic food industries of Australia better. If you follow Dalene on LinkedIn or Twitter, you’ll see her frequently sharing her knowledge at industry events around the globe and leading various working groups to support export growth, identifying ways to help beef producers flourish and championing diversity within agriculture, including reconciliation for Australian Aboriginal and Indigenous communities.

Continue reading below for our recent Q&A interview with Dalene, and thanks for reading our blog, #GetInHerCart.

— Lisa Mabe-Konstantopoulos, Founder & CEO, Green Purse PR

Dalene Wray, Managing Director of OBE Organic

Dalene Wray, Managing Director of OBE Organic

Q. Given our work together, I know OBE Organic is unique in that is has built success in a variety of markets – from domestically there in Australia, to internationally in places like the USA, Canada, United Arab Emirates and Japan. When it comes to the American market, what do you consider your best asset as a brand? 

A. “We’re successful in America because we’re consistent. We can provide certified organic, grass fed beef 52 weeks per year, 365 days; you can’t get that in the USA.” Dalene sees OBE’s offering as a compliment to American sourced beef products. She and her sales team focus on understanding the challenges or problems their target customers (grocery retailers) have and try to provide the best solution.  Dalene suggests exporters focus less on how great their product is, and focus more on understanding their customer’s needs.

 A lot of the American retailers are very large and therefore would require huge quantities. Dalene recommends “researching the retail landscape and recognizing what ability you have to deliver.” Dalene recommends exporters ask themselves, “do you produce small volumes just a few times per year or have a consistent supply? Determine which retailers are the best fit for your size,  and ultimately identify, does your product or program solve a problem that the retailer needs to fix?” 

 Q. Doing business from afar could be challenging. Is it necessary to have an American outpost in order to effectively serve your customers? How do you and the OBE Organic team maintain your client relationships from the other side of the world?

A. Dalene says no; having a US-based office is not necessary, at least in OBE’s case. For OBE, America is an established market; they have a greater need for staff in their more emerging markets across the world. 

 While they do not have staff located in America, they do frequently come visit with their customers in-market, and have consultants (like Green Purse PR) here to work with as needs arise.  Dalene stressed the value of working with partners and vendors who are based in the USA and know the market best. She recommends “having a suite of consultants at your disposal in the American market.” Dalene also says that the smartphone app, WhatsApp, (in addition to phone calls and emails) is a helpful way to stay in touch with customers on a regular basis.


Q. What types of partnerships, vendors or service providers might an exporter need to find in order to be most effective in the USA? 

 A. Dalene says having a logistics provider to clear your product through customs (U.S. Customs and Border Protection,) as well as an organization to help you manage currency risk (currency hedging) are some must-haves. OBE prefers to sell direct to customers (the retailer, instead of through a distributor,)  and Dalene warns, of bringing over too much product to satisfy customers. “I don’t like to have storage; storing product somewhere means more insurance and cash flow challenges. Instead of renting storage space, I would rather airfreight product if I had to.”  Instead, she recommends exporters start small with their orders, working to build volumes and relationships over time. 


Q. Are there any specific niches within meat sold at grocery retail where brands can further innovate and shine? 

A. “Deliver for the meat buyer. That means on time deliveries, open and transparent communication about any glitches in the supply chain. It also means letting them be the first to know of any problems in the supply chain. Get your customer the right product at the right time, working to know their business so well that you can almost predict and preempt issues.” Dalene says this comes by working super closely with the buyer — understanding their own KPIs, volume, and any ad or promotional programs their category participates in. Dalene warns that “buyers are always being courted by competitors,” but recommends being “so reliable that there is no reason why they would replace you.” In addition to providing outstanding organic, grass fed beef year round, OBE Organic has found that its focus on sustainability and animal welfare often give them an upper hand when pitching their organic beef program to prospects.  


Q. When you’re pitching a new grocery retail customer, which product attributes or third party certifications are they telling you are most important for their shoppers? 

A. They are looking for grass fed, and USDA organic. Dalene also notes that retailers are asking about regenerative agriculture and animal welfare.


Q. How important is it to understand the end user, the shopper, when pitching a new grocery retail account? How does OBE Organic get to know, or study, those shoppers? 

A. Dalene says, “we need to know how to engage with the consumers on campaigns. Every country is different and every retailer is different.”  OBE Organic relies on Green Purse PR for market and consumer insights globally, studying how consumers, like Millennial moms in the USA and UAE, shop for beef. Dalene says shop-along studies help the brand to understand things like the best type of content (like imagery and messaging) to communicate to their various consumer audiences. Insights learned through qualitative research also helps the brand keep a constant pulse on consumer behavior so it can best support its’ retail customers from a marketing perspective.

OBE Organic beef at Jimbo’s Naturally in California

OBE Organic beef at Jimbo’s Naturally in California

Q. What kind of reputation do you believe Australia has here in the USA, amongst both retailers and end users?  

 A. Dalene believes Australian products enjoy a good reputation in the USA. Regardless if someone in America has been to Australia or not, they likely have a positive view of the country.

Q.  Do you consider America a good market to do business in? 

A. “Yes. America has a stable currency — a currency you can trust. It’s a sophisticated market with lots of retailers to choose from, sophisticated logistics and well-educated consumers. Australia also has very good tariff arrangements with the USA, which make it a very attractive market to do business in.”


Q. Without giving away your secret recipe of success in the USA, what are some of the things about OBE Organic that help position it for success in America? 

 A. “We’re authentic, farmer-owned, conduct our business with integrity, we’re very transparent, which our customers appreciate. We’re experienced in long lead times from the other side of the world, we can deliver 52 weeks of the year (most producers cannot) and we visit our key export markets frequently.” 


Q. Given that I’m always studying the products that get into women’s trolleys (shopping carts) around the world, can you share some of the products that typically end up in your trolley? 

 A. “My family and I try to keep a ‘clean food’ diet — organic foods with clean ingredients and not processed. My shopping trolley often includes, organic eggs, organic beef, free range chooks (chicken,) non homogenized milk, organic flour, organic carrots. No sodas or fruit drinks; I’m the type of shopper who reads the ingredients labels.” 

For those in the USA, look for OBE Organic beef in retailers like Fairway Market, Bristol Farms and Jimbo’s Naturally. And for more industry thought leadership from Dalene, follow her on Twitter at @dalwray and connect with her on LinkedIn at


IN THE NEWS -- Natural Products INSIDER | Women Googling Their Way Into Motherhood

IN THE NEWS — Natural Products INSIDER | Women Googling Their Way Into Motherhood

When a woman becomes pregnant, everyday items, from food to supplements, medicines and cosmetics, suddenly are subject to increased scrutiny. When preparing to enter this new life phase, women tend to go on a massive hunt-and-gather style quest for information. That search often manifests itself in Googling a wide variety of topics, including fertility, healthy pregnancy and lactation.

Read our CEO, Lisa Mabe’s, thoughts on how brands can reach women heading into motherhood.

Access Lisa's new thought leadership article by downloading Natural Products INSIDER’s special edition on Maternal Nutrition here. Look for her article, Women Googling Their Way Into Motherhood, on pages 33-35.

Source: Natural Products Insider

Source: Natural Products Insider

Get to know your female millennial consumers

Get to know your female millennial consumers

How well do you know your female millennial consumers? Unless you're shopping alongside your consumers, you may have no idea how they learn about products, who influences their purchases or how your products fit into their lives.

Read on to download our new #GetInHerCart Workbook all about health-conscious, female, millennial shoppers.

Recap of Naturally Good Expo in Sydney, Australia

Download my presentations from Naturally Good Expo

I just wrapped up several days at the Naturally Good Expo and Business Summit here in Sydney, Australia where I spoke to some of Australia and New Zealand's leading natural products and retail companies. During the conference and trade show, I spoke about marketing to health-conscious women, mums and millennials. 

While the sessions were not recorded, I have published my presentations online (see form below at the end of this blog post) for you to have a look at, as well as the video that I produced for attendees of Naturally Good Expo. 

As you may already know, I've gotten to know the market here well (I used to be based in Sydney,) am here a few times per year, and am particularly passionate about helping market products from this region to overseas consumers, in places like the USA, Canada, the Middle East and parts of Asia.

For those focused on exporting, getting a good distributor and onto retail shelves or online is NOT enough to be successful in places where you have little to no brand awareness. My consultancy, Green Purse PR, works with companies in Australia and New Zealand to help them understand their shoppers (through our shop-along research) and work on public relations and social media marketing programs to connect directly with health-conscious shoppers.

We support clients with research, strategy and executing ongoing public relations programs. For those who may just be after some initial direction, ideation, training or feedback, we also offer consulting, including one-hour, virtual consult sessions to get you headed in the right direction. 

If you're keen to create more awareness and drive sales at retail or online, contact us. Happy to have an initial chat about our expertise and services, as well as learn where your products are sold, who your target consumers are and what we can do to help you engage with shoppers and drive sales. 

Please fill out this form for access to both of my presentations (Get In Her Trolley & The Next Generation of Shoppers) from Naturally Good Expo. If you are unable to fill out the form, email me at lisa {at} and I'll send directly to you. Cheers!  - Lisa, CEO of Green Purse PR

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Get in Her Trolley | Presentation + Video from Naturally Good Business Summit

For those who attended Naturally Good Expo's Business Summit in Sydney, view Lisa's presentation, 'Get In Her Trolley,' and accompanying video below.


Fill in your contact information in the form below and press 'submit' to receive a link to our presentation.

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We're happy to chat to you about the value of getting to know your female shoppers, in the Australian market, as well as in export markets like the North America, Middle East and Asia. Contact us to learn more about our shop-along research service.

Green Purse PR's Lisa Mabe to Keynote Naturally Good Business Summit in Sydney

Green Purse PR's Lisa Mabe to Keynote Naturally Good Business Summit in Sydney

We are excited to announce that Green Purse PR Founder & CEO, Lisa Mabe, will present the keynote address at the Naturally Good Business Summit in Sydney, Australia 2 June, 2017 at 9:00 AM.

The Naturally Good Business Summit is a growth strategy event that aims to push businesses to the next level. The one-day forum will fuel strategic thinking, business development and industry connections.

Lisa's keynote, Get in her trolley: Global insights for connecting with women shoppers, will cover:

  • Looking into the shopping trolleys of women
  • The importance of understanding how women shop
  • How retailers and brands can engage women in stores and online

Women are the fastest-growing economy in the world, influencing 90 per cent of purchasing decisions and driving the global cultural shift towards cleaner, greener, healthier products for themselves and their families. If companies with healthy products want to succeed in this evolving marketplace, they must win with women.

But how do you influence purchasing decisions and what makes women choose one product over another? Who are the key segments you should be connecting with to sell healthy products? Attend Lisa's keynote presentation to find out.

For more details on the Business Summit, click here.

Plan to join us if you can. Otherwise, follow the dialogue online by using the hashtag, #NaturallyGoodExpo. Follow Lisa on Twitter @LisaMabe as she will be live tweeting from the event.


In addition to the Business Summit, Lisa is also speaking a few days later at the Naturally Good Expo. There, Lisa will discuss marketing to health-conscious Millennial shoppers. More on that here.

Lisa is CEO of Green Purse PR, a boutique research and public relations consultancy based Washington, DC. Lisa is an award-winning public relations expert with recognized expertise in social communications and marketing to women. Lisa has over 12 years experience working with leading companies around the world, including Australian companies like OBE Organic and Changing Habits. Lisa was previously based in Sydney, and is often in the region servicing clients throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Want to connect with Lisa ahead of the Summit? Contact her via this form.


Green Purse PR Founder to Speak at Naturally Good Expo in Sydney, Australia

Green Purse PR Founder to Speak at Naturally Good Expo in Sydney, Australia

Lisa Mabe from Green Purse PR will be speaking at the Naturally Good Expo on marketing to health-conscious women and millennial shoppers. 

Putting a New Migraine Product on the Radar of Health Writers

Putting a New Migraine Product on the Radar of Health Writers

We created a "migraine survival kit" with health-conscious female migraine sufferers in mind. The kit featured one full-sized Stopain Migraine product, along with complimenting products, organic ginger tea, Epsom salt bath bomb, sleep mask, journal and a natural, soy candle. All the products were packed in a natural, canvas bag that recipients could use as a lunch or cosmetics bag.

Understanding how Migraine Sufferers Shop

Understanding how Migraine Sufferers Shop

We recently conducted shop-along research for the new Stopain Migraine brand. We identified a lot of useful insights such as: how shoppers with migraines learn about migraine relief products, where women look for OTC pain relief options and who are the influencers that impact their purchase decisions. 

Welcome Changing Habits to the Green Purse PR Family of Clients

Welcome Changing Habits to the Green Purse PR Family of Clients

Green Purse PR is happy to welcome Australia-based Changing Habits to its family of clients. Changing Habits will soon be launching a new documentary called, What's With Wheat; we will be supporting their efforts to get Americans watching and talking about this new film. 

New Hope Network -- Insight from Expo West: Brands tell all about winning PR tactics

New Hope Network -- Insight from Expo West: Brands tell all about winning PR tactics

In addition to speaking at Natural Products Expo West and managing media interviews and social communications coverage for clients like JicaChips, I had the opportunity to discuss winning public relations plays with several exhibitors. Some companies I met on the show floor, and others I spoke with during a private breakfast briefing where I was a guest speaker. 

Demand for Organic Food Growing in the Middle East

Demand for Organic Food Growing in the Middle East

It will be interesting to see how many more companies will have certified organic products on offer during the Gulfood trade show coming up in Dubai 21-25 February 2016. Our client, OBE Organic, will be exhibiting at Gulfood, and is one of the brands responding to increasing consumer demand for organic beef, as well as high quality beef from Australia that consumers there know and trust.

Lisa Mabe's Marketing to Millennial Moms Insights Featured in France-Based Journal

In a recent issue of Kids Nutrition Report (KNR), I shared some of my insights on how companies can connect with new Millennial moms.

KNR is a France-based international journal focused on the burgeoning worldwide kids' nutritional marketplace, produced by the publishers of New Nutrition Business, the longest-established journal on the global food and nutrition business.

Here's What Health-Conscious Moms (In the USA) are Reading

Does your brand need to connect with "green purse moms?" You know, the ones that care about buying healthy, sugar-free, organic, natural, non-GMO type of products for their families? If you offer a natural or organic product, of course you need to connect with moms! But do you know where moms are going online for information and inspiration on healthy living?

M2Moms Example: The Honest Company Stocks Healthy Travel Essentials for Moms at Airports

M2Moms Example: The Honest Company Stocks Healthy Travel Essentials for Moms at Airports

I was recently traveling through the Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL) recently and was thrilled to spot a beautiful kiosk in Concourse C from The Honest Company. The kiosk stocks a variety of travel essentials for moms and the whole family, such as new Honest Feminine Care products, diapers/nappies and hand sanitizer. I love this new initiative; kudos to The Honest Company for being so savvy and providing health-conscious travelers with healthy options! Connect With More Millennial Moms - Scaling The Niches just published a thought leadership article by our Founder & CEO, Lisa Mabe-Konstantopoulos about how to scale up outreach to Millennial moms.

Read the entire article on here,

Retailers, How Are You Meeting The Needs Of New Mums?

Retailers, How Are You Meeting The Needs Of New Mums?

First time mothers represent a window of opportunity for grocery retailers. Learn about our new workshop for retailers, Get In Her Trolley: Connecting with New Mums for More Visits, Spending & Word-of-Mouth.