Exploring Natural Products Frequently Purchased by Millennial Women

Introducing our new series, Natural Products Millennial Women Buy

Green Purse PR is constantly keeping a pulse on how health-conscious female consumers learn about, shop for and use natural products in their lives. We believe you don't really know a shopper until you've shopped along side them.

We recently asked our forum of health-conscious, millennial aged women about some of their favorite natural products they buy on a regular basis. We are launching a new series of blog posts, Natural Products Millennial Women Buy, where we will explore some of the products that ‘get in her cart’ and into her life. Studying the products that consumer have on hand nearly all the time helps us better understand other aspects of their shopper journey, including how to get even more of our clients products into her shopping cart.

What our series will explore

The first in our series will explore frozen food – staple products that work overtime to serve a real need in the consumer’s life, often times when they are in a pinch for time. The millennial women we surveyed range from younger on the millennial age spectrum – mid to late twenties all the way through late 30s, encompassing single households, married or with partner, as well as households with children – some small children, and some with older children.

Other areas our series will explore include products you’ll always find in her refrigerator, pantry, and medicine cabinet.

What you can expect to learn

Having a look at the natural products millennial women buy (regardless if it’s directly focused on your product category,) tells us a lot of valuable information about the consumer. Having a holistic view of what gets into consumers' shopping carts, is key to understanding their entire lifestyle and how best to meet their needs from a marketing perspective.

Stay tuned here for part one, GetInHerCart | What’s In Her Freezer?, coming soon in our new blog series. In the mean time, If you're hungry for more insights on health-conscious, millennial women, check out our resource, #GetInHerCart Workbook | Get To Know Your Female Millennial Consumers.


- Lisa Mabe-Konstantopoulos, Founder, Green Purse PR