Natural Products Millennial Women Buy | What’s In Her Freezer?

What's In Her Freezer? 

Our new blog series, Natural Products Millennial Women Buy, will first explore some of the frozen food products that health-conscious, millennial aged women in America purchase on a regular basis. These are products that save her time, are a good ‘plan B’ when she can’t get to the grocery store or cook fresh foods from scratch.

We asked our forum of health-conscious millennial women what products they always have in their freezer. Here is what some of them told us.

Frozen pizza“I buy a bulk pack of these when I’m at Costco. I need at least one frozen pizza in the freezer at all times. It’s not my ideal meal, but it does the job when there is no time to cook. Sometimes during the week in summer we take the kids outside to play at the playground. Sometime we are out there til dark. After getting hot and playing, the last thing I feel like doing is cooking. I would rather spend that time playing with my kids, than cooking.”

Ground meats"I usually have several different types of ground meat in the freezer – beef, pork, and turkey. Although I go to the grocery store often and prefer to buy fresh, these are life savers at least once or twice per week. Sure it requires a little thought beforehand, to thaw them out, but it works for me. Sometimes I sit one package out the evening before, or even several if I want to batch book a bunch of meatballs to freeze."

Nature's Rancher, 100% grass fed, certified organic, Global Animal Partnership Step 4 certified ground beef.

Nature's Rancher, 100% grass fed, certified organic, Global Animal Partnership Step 4 certified ground beef.

Frozen fruit – "We make a lot of smoothies.  Frozen fruit is ideal because you can use just a little and not have to worry about a whole, fresh carton of fruit going bad before you can use it."


Entrees"Frozen entrees are so convenient for me. I usually have one for lunch a couple times per week. Fortunately now there are more healthier options; I tend to buy whatever looks healthiest and is on sale, including Amy’s Organic and Saffron Road."

Burritos"My go to 'mom-friendly' food is a frozen burrito. Until I grow a third arm, it's kind of a necessity to be able to eat with one hand while doing things like nursing or holding a baby."

Herbs"When I cook anything, I want herbs like rosemary, mint and parsley. The fresh versions of those go bad too quickly to suite me, so I buy these frozen little pods. They go with everything and ensure I don’t waste a bunch of fresh herbs. They are genius; and are always in my freezer."

Dorot chopped basil cubes

Dorot chopped basil cubes

Appetizers"We entertain a lot so I like to save myself a little work and have some frozen appetizers on hand at all times. Things like baked brie, spanakopita or garlic bread are my go-tos. I love things that look like they were hard to make, but literally all I had to do was put them on a cooking sheet and into the oven."

#GetInHerCart Takeaways

What do all of these frozen food staples have in common for health-conscious, millennial women? 

  • Seeking Convenience - Whether she's entertaining for a dinner party or needs to get dinner on the table quickly for her family, have some go-to, healthy, convenience foods is a must for millennial women.
  • Saving Time - Even women who enjoy cooking, do not always have time to cook everything from scratch. Saving a little time in the kitchen allows her to focus on bigger priorities more deserving of her time. Time saved in the kitchen goes toward things like more exercise, more time to play with their children, more time to spend enjoying loved ones like a partner, spouse or children.
  • Reducing Waste - Several women expressed their desire to reduce food waste. Instead of always buying a whole carton of fresh blueberries, having some frozen berries on hand allows her to use just what she needs, without risking letting the rest go bad before she can eat it all.
  • Saving Money - Many perceive frozen food as a way to save money, making them feel better about their grocery choices and perhaps able to spend more in other categories.

When it comes to marketing natural, frozen food products, how is your company appealing to health-conscious, millennial women? Are you demonstrating in your marketing (like social media content) how using your product will help her save time, reduce waste or save money? For moms, are you showing her how your product fits into her life and makes eating easier, even when her hands are literally full? Just how well do you know your female millennial consumers? 

Stay tuned here for part two in our new blog series, Natural Products Millennial Women Buy. Our next blog post will explore 'What's In Her Pantry?' In the mean time, If you're hungry for more insights on health-conscious, millennial women, download our resource, #GetInHerCart Workbook | Get To Know Your Female Millennial Consumers.


- Lisa Mabe-Konstantopoulos, Founder, Green Purse PR