Products that #GetInHerCart | Icelandic Provisions Skyr

Female shoppers tell us their favorite products that get into their shopping carts

Watch a quick video clip from Green Purse PR's Lisa Mabe on working with the right consumer influencers. 

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Green Purse PR recently conducted shop-along research with some millennial aged American mothers. One shopper told us about her love of Icelandic Provisions skyr (pronounced "skeer.") When shopping along with consumers, I always ask what some of their favorite products and brands are. The shopper picked up several of these skyr products during her shopper journey with me. We were actually conducting research for a completely different product category, but some interesting insights came from hearing about her connection to this product.


When I asked my shop-along participant if she could recall how she first learned about this product, she told me a food blogger she follows on Instagram, @nocrumbsleft, featured the product in one of her photos.

Seeing the 'new-to-her' product featured on Instagram, by a food blogger she follows and values the input of, peaked her interest. When she went into her local grocery store and spotted the product on the shelf, she felt comfortable and motivated to try it. This shopper said she frequently buys new products because she and her family enjoy discovering new things, especially new flavors from different cultures and places around the world.

In addition to already having her curiosity peaked via Instagram, she fell in love with the packaging, once she had a look at the product in person. 

In a sea of yogurt products, this gorgeous packaging speaks to me; they obviously know who they are targeting.
— Shop-along participant

Key Takeaway for connecting with female shoppers

Conduct shopper research to understand who and what influences your target shopper. Don't just guess at the food influencers (like food & lifestyle bloggers) she might be following online, on social networks like Instagram. Instead, ask her directly so you can make better decisions about how to reach her.

You don't really know a consumer until you've shopped with them. Want to learn more about your female millennial shoppers? Download our new #GetInHerCart Workbook | Get to Know Your Female Millennial Shoppers.

If you're keen to get more of your products into women's shopping carts, contact me, Lisa Mabe, here. I'm happy to speak with you about the shopper research we conduct, as well as related workshops we offer. 


- Lisa Mabe-Konstantopoulos, Founder, Green Purse PR