How Small Natural & Organic Brands Can Take Their Business To The Next Level

I love working with the natural & organic products industry. There is no shortage of fresh ideas and innovation within the community, and as a marketer, it is inspiring to see the passion that fuels many of these businesses. It's such fun discovering new products each time I do a grocery shop or attend a trade show. As I am passionate about promoting healthy products, I wish everyone in the space could take the market by storm (as our client Saffron Road has done), and I believe many of them can if they are equipped with expert guidance and the right tools. 

Often I hear from companies that need to take their brands to the next level, but may not have the capability internally or resources to retain ongoing public relations counsel. With those companies in mind, Green Purse PR created a service of customized PR Playbooks to equip brands with tailor-suited, winning PR plays that they can implement themselves or work with us to execute.

Each PR Playbook includes a deep dive into our client's business to uncover what they hope to achieve, and is delivered in a blueprint-like report outlining our recommendations from a PR and social communications perspective.

Given that women are such a powerful driving force behind the growth of natural and organic products, our most popular PR Playbook is focused on reaching health-conscious women -- How to Win with Female Shoppers. Other PR Playbook topics include marketing to: Mothers, Millennial Moms, or New Moms, as well as Whole Foods Market Shoppers and Natural & Organic Shoppers.

I find that the PR Playbook is something that most often appeals to new or smaller companies trying to take their business to the next level, or perhaps other companies who lack internal resources with our particular areas of expertise (natural and organic products, specialty food, marketing to women, social comms, etc). The instructions and recommendations that we deliver in a PR Playbook ensures that our clients are equipped with the very best insight and guidance to reach the right mix of consumers and drive sales. 

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-- Lisa Mabe-Konstantopoulos, Founder, Green Purse PR