Get In Her Trolley

What do American women think about products from Australia & New Zealand?

Watch health-conscious American women tell us their impression of products from Australia and New Zealand

For companies keen to export to the USA, it's critical to understand the retail landscape and how consumers shop for products in their category. Before coming to Sydney to speak at the Naturally Good Expo, we crafted a short film featuring 'woman-on-the-street' style interviews.

We specifically targeted health-conscious women, asking them about products like fresh beef and lamb, as well as baby products, body care and healthy snacks. Watch the video below.

We regularly conduct shop-along research with female shoppers around the world. Our clients (and their retail customers) value the insights and practical recommendations we garner as a result of shopping with women who already shop at retail stores where our clients' products are sold.

We know Australia and New Zealand have a lot to offer consumers at home and abroad. Both countries have exceptional reputations for producing high quality, clean and green products that appeal to those looking for healthier options. The better you understand your shoppers, the more successful you can be to serve up the right kinds of marketing content at the right times and in the right places.  

Contact us to learn more about our shop-along research and how we use shopper insights to build and execute successful consumer-facing PR and social communications programs. 

Get in Her Trolley | Presentation + Video from Naturally Good Business Summit

For those who attended Naturally Good Expo's Business Summit in Sydney, view Lisa's presentation, 'Get In Her Trolley,' and accompanying video below.


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