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63% of new moms are changing their grocery, food and beverage purchase criteria. The biggest change is that they start buying organic. -- Baby Center's 2015 State of Modern Motherhood Report

First time mothers represent a window of opportunity for brands that offer healthy products. If brands can reach new moms on the cusp of a new life stage (preferably while they are still pregnant) they could potentially keep them as loyal consumers for a long time to come. 
Green Purse PR offers a unique way to better understand the health-conscious moms that you want to attract, as well as creative ideas on how to better connect with them and provide the resources that they are looking for.

How are you ensuring expecting mothers find & buy your products?
Does your product stand out to moms at the retail shelf with the right messaging?
How are you aiding moms in their transition to a healthier lifestyle?
How are you connecting with expecting mothers online?
Do you know what media, blogs & social sites your target moms consume?
Do you understand how to scale up outreach to mom communities?

This workshop, Connecting with New Moms – Increase Awareness, Loyalty & Word-of-Mouth, is for savvy brands that recognize new moms are a driving force in natural and organic products, and want to tap into their spending power. 

Included in this project:

  • Shop-along research with 5 moms in your retail partners (conducted in advance)
  • Presentation of industry best practices from other brands connecting with moms
  • Presentation reporting results of shop-alongs, insights & recommendations
  • Live focus group with 3 new moms (optional)

Shop-along research is conducted in advance of workshops. During the in-person workshop we present our findings from the shop-alongs, and can include an optional live focus group with some of the moms we shopped with. 

Contact: Lisa Mabe-Konstantopoulos to schedule a workshop at lisa {at}