IN THE NEWS -- New Hope Network | How to get shoppers to value regenerative agriculture

Our CEO, Lisa, recently wrote a thought leadership article for New Hope Network’s Natural Foods Merchandiser to discuss consumer perceptions of regenerative agriculture and how to get them to understand enough about it to value it and put it in their shopping carts.

In this article Lisa covers:

  • What consumers think regenerative agriculture means (according to our shop-along research.)

  • Challenges of training consumers to pay more for better quality, healthier foods.

  • Some of the companies leading the pack in transitioning to regenerative farming methods.

  • How to leverage the influence of bloggers and media to help educate consumers about why regenerative farming matters and why they should support those brands by buying their products.

Read the entire article on here:

IN THE NEWS -- Natural Foods Merchandiser | How can in-store events add to my bottom line today and tomorrow?

Our CEO, Lisa, was recently asked by New Hope Network’s Natural Foods Merchandiser to weigh in on how to leverage in store events to get more shoppers into stores and ensuring those events translate into $ales.

Lisa covers:

  • Connecting farmers to shoppers with “meet the farmer” in-store events

  • Leveraging influencers (like local food bloggers where the grocery store is located) to properly promote in-store events

  • Promoting provenance - not just for local products, but telling the unique country stories from products coming from the likes of New Zealand, Spain, Australia and Iceland.

Read the entire article on here:





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In the News -- SmartBrief | How can food brands win with women?

Expert tips to win with female consumers

In the food business, do you know how to create products and market them effectively so they resonate with female shoppers? We do! Part of our secret recipe is understanding how women shop by joining them along their path to purchase with shopper research, like shop-alongs.

Read some of our CEO, Lisa Mabe-Konstantopoulos' thoughts on how food brands can better understand their female shoppers here on SmartBrief's website:

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In the News -- Natural Products Insider | Get More From Trade Shows: PR Tips to Stand Out From the Crowd


Get More From Trade Shows: PR Tips to Stand Out From the Crowd

Whether a company is exhibiting or attending a trade show, it needs to kick its PR machine into high gear to make the most out of its trade show investment. The companies that have buyers signing on the dotted line and gain media exposure during trade shows are companies that take proactive, intentional steps to stand out and get their message heard. 

Read Lisa's new thought leadership article on the Natural Products Insider to learn what your company should be doing at your next trade show. Read the entire article online here:

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