We work with the natural products industry to help get their products into women's shopping carts


A powerful shift is happening right now amongst consumers. All around the world people are becoming fed up with unhealthy, chemical-laden products and are demanding cleaner, greener options.

This cultural shift is driven largely by women – women who want to lead a healthier lifestyle, from the food they consume, to the personal care products they use.

Women account for 85% of overall consumer spending. If companies offering natural and organic products aim to succeed in this evolving marketplace, they must win with women. We specialize in understanding how today's health-conscious female consumer thinks, behaves, shares and buys.

Green Purse PR is a specialized research and public relations consultancy led by award-winning practitioner, Lisa Mabe, with expertise in both marketing to women and the natural and organic products industry. Brands and retailers turn to us to understand and meaningfully engage with women.



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