Guide to Winning with Whole Foods Market Shoppers

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Guide to Winning with Whole Foods Market Shoppers


Publish date | September 2017

You don’t really know a shopper until you’ve shopped with them. That’s one of the premises that makes Green Purse PR unique and why shopper research is fundamental to all the work we do. Being successful at any retailer starts with understanding the shopper – knowing how they learn about products, how your products are likely to fit into their lifestyle and how to better serve their needs in order to create and maintain a connection (or relationship, if you’re lucky) with those shoppers.

Given Whole Foods Market was recently acquired by Amazon, stores and their shoppers are experiencing some changes. In an effort to serve the needs of our clients whose products are sold at WFM, we've recently conducted our own research on female WFM shoppers in the USA. Our research sought to identify how WFM shoppers currently think, behave, buy and share, and what that means for brands with products sold on their shelves across America.

Our new guide, Winning with Whole Foods Market Shoppers, was created specifically for brands whose products are already sold at WFM, or for companies intending to get their products onto the shelves of WFM, and want to ensure they understand the shopper before launching.

Here's exactly what our guide contains:

  • Nine sections, such as: what makes WFM shoppers unique, what she loves about WFM, how she researches products, what stands out to her at the retail shelf, how she perceives the new WFM + Amazon marriage, shopper touch points and recommendations to get to know your shoppers.

  • Overview of WFM’s shopper communications, such as The Whole Story Blog.

  • Media outlet list containing the top 26 media outlets and blogs that WFM shoppers tell us they read or follow.

  • List of the top 35 blogs WFM shoppers tell us they follow on social media.

  • 29 recent, direct quotes from WFM shoppers.

  • New, custom photography (19 shots) illustrating behaviors of WFM shoppers and bringing our report to life so it’s even easier to digest.

  • Recommendations to put your new knowledge to use and apply it to the WFM shoppers who already buy (or are likely to buy) your products at WFM.

This guide is in PDF format and is 22 pages long. Upon purchase, a link to download the PDF is made available to you immediately. Our guide is exclusive to the USA market only and female shoppers who primarily shop with WFM.

Use our guide to gain current insight into WFM’s female shoppers and identify tangible ways to connect with her.

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