Whole Foods Market Instagram Accounts List

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Whole Foods Market Instagram List_Cover Image.jpg

Whole Foods Market Instagram Accounts List

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Whole Foods Market shoppers look to Instagram for inspiration, ideas and to discover new, healthy products. Brands with products sold at WFM should be tapping into the influence on Instagram, starting with WFM's very own vast network of Instagram accounts for its stores across the USA. Some of WFM's most loyal shoppers and well-known influencers follow their local store on Instagram. Have a look at just one of WFM's IG accounts, the headquarters account and notice all the engagement from shoppers. 

We've combed through the 'Instagramasphere' to identify every single Instagram account currently in use by WFM. Our new list, Whole Foods Market Instagram Accounts, lists 127 active, official Instagram accounts from WFM stores in the USA. No such list is available anywhere else. This is an incredibly useful marketing asset to own, whether your brand is available at all WFM stores, or in just one region. 

Here's exactly what our list contains:

  • 127 listings of Whole Foods Market Instagram accounts from around the USA, covering every region, state and city where a WFM store exists.
  • Each Instagram account included identifies the name of the store it covers, along with the city and state where the store or stores are located.
  • One USA, color-coded map showing where WFM's different regions (like Mid-Atlantic) are located.
  • Six #GetInHerCart Tips for using the list, focused on engaging with WFM and its shoppers on Instagram.

The list is in PDF format and is 22 pages long. Upon purchase, a link to download the PDF is made available to you immediately. 

Use our list to monitor what WFM is currently promoting, tag relevant WFM IG accounts to keep your brand top-of-mind amongst WFM decision makers (and possibly have your content shared by WFM) and to identify the influencers WFM is directly engaging with, as these are likely influencers you will want to engage with as well.


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