Public Relations + Marketing Services: Support to Drive Influence + Sales

We offer a variety of public relations services, on a long-term retainer or project basis, including the following:

  • Media Relations/Editorial Exposure - we pitch our clients’ thought leaders to B2B media and their products to B2C media outlets. We garner national coverage for our clients in outlets such as the Wall Street Journal, Inc Magazine, SmartBrief, Supermarket News, Specialty Food Magazine, etc. See this blog post featuring some of the media we garnered for client, JicaChips, and see two examples of creative media mailers here and here.

  • Digital Communications - website & blog content (B2C + B2B.)

  • Industry Thought Leadership - we get your company’s thought leaders in the spotlight by booking top-tier speaking engagements at leading industry trade shows and conferences, helping plan and write thought leader articles and blog posts, as well as garnering media coverage in business and industry media outlets.

  • PR Playbook - Often we hear from companies that need to take their brands to the next level, but may not have the capability internally or resources to retain ongoing public relations counsel. With those companies in mind, we created customized PR Playbooks to equip brands with tailor-suited, winning PR plays that they can implement themselves or work with us to execute. Each PR Playbook includes a deep dive into our client's business to uncover what they hope to achieve, and is delivered in a blueprint-like report outlining our recommendations from a holistic marketing perspective (including PR and social communications).

  • Visual Content Creation - product photography & videography (like ‘path to purchase’ photos & video clips,) and brand videos.

  • Influencer & Blogger Collaborations - leveraging the reach and influence of the right influencer (or influencers) - like health and wellness experts, cookbook authors and food bloggers through paid sponsorships and content creation to reach their qualified audiences. Read our blog post about our influencer collaborations here.

  • Retail Support - new business pitches to potential retail customers, relationship management with your retailers and trade partners, collaborating with retail gatekeepers to connect with their shoppers. Read a blog post about our Retail Support here.