2019 List of Trade Shows & B2B Events

Green Purse PR’s 2019 List of Trade Shows & B2B Events

Tired of hearing about an industry event a little too late to participate in it? There are a lot of events, especially if you’re looking for events outside your own country. There’s so many events to keep up with, so we’re making it a little easier for you by providing a list of the events we consider most relevant for our clients and community.

Use this list to plan your trades shows and industry events plan for 2019.

Here's exactly what our guide contains:

  • A month by month (January - December 2019) list of trade shows and events likely to be of interest for those in the following industries: Natural Products, Specialty Food, Retail, Grocery, Agriculture, Meat and Halal.

  • Inclusive of B2B events in the USA + international markets around the world.

  • 90 events are currently listed (and we’ll periodically adding more.)

  • Some of the events you’ll find include: Natural Products Expo West, Summer Fancy Food Show, SIAL, Gulfood, Naturally Good, Annual Meat Conference, Global Shop, and many others.

This guide is in PDF format and is 13 pages long. Upon entering your email, a link to download the PDF is made available to you immediately.

Use this guide to: plan your B2B events for 2019.

Green Purse PR

We will be updating this list several times throughout the year, so please check back here on our website at this link →→→ www.greenpursepr.com/resources for future updates. Alternatively, email us and we’ll make sure we email you a fresh copy when we make major updates throughout the year.


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