2019 Holidays List for Food Marketing

2019 Holidays List for Food Marketing

A Social Media Planning Resource

Ever heard of National Cheese Lover's Day, Coffee Day or Beef Tallow Day? What about Weed Day or Farmer's Day? There are a lot of these so called food holidays or marketing holidays - some are silly, but some are serious. Serious in that some of them can help drive awareness and sales.

We see retailers, media and consumer-influencers, like food bloggers, leveraging these holidays on social media, like Instagram, and retailers even using them for in-store promotions. Some holidays, like National Cookie Day (December 4) are made into big promotions at grocery retailers like Whole Foods Market. See an earlier post we wrote on retailers taking a bite out of Cookie Day here


Use this list to plan your social communications for 2019.

Here's exactly what our guide contains:

  • A month by month (January - December 2019) list of holidays that lend themselves well to marketing food and beverage products to consumers.

  • 420 holidays are listed.

  • Types of holidays include - food marketing holidays, weeks and awareness months, health-related holidays, some national holidays (as those are often good excuses to celebrate the food culture of other countries,) and traditional holidays.

This guide is in PDF format and is 15 pages long. Upon entering your email, a link to download the PDF is made available to you immediately. Our list is USA-specific as it focuses on holidays ideal for food marketing targeting American consumers.

Use this guide to: plan your social media content for 2019.

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If you’re curious to learn how other leading brands and retailers are already celebrating these holidays, don’t miss our bonus content. Exclusively for those who download our list, we’ve created a thought leadership webinar, where our Founder & CEO, Lisa Mabe-Konstantopoulos, shares some of her expert tips on how to get the most out of holidays with your own company’s social media marketing. We’ll also share some of our favorite examples from companies creating content around holidays, like Halloween, Ramadan, National Coffee Day and National Picnic Day.

We’re already working on our 2020 version. When you enter your email above for the 2019 version, we’ll also add you to our wait list for next year’s, due to be out during October 2019.

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