Here are some of the companies, large and small, we have worked with.

As a result of working with us, our clients are routinely:

  • Gaining valuable & often real-time insight into their target consumers (through our research & social media communities)

  • Garnering positive comments & discussion about their brand online from consumers

  • Featured in top-tier consumer media, blog & trade publications

  • Growing their online social communities, reach & influence

  • Winning industry awards & recognition

  • Growing! More consumers are hearing about our clients & buying their products.

CASE STUDY: Shop-Along Research


Shopping with migraine sufferers

Troy Healthcare works with Green Purse PR for consumer insights in the US. We recently shopped with health-conscious women with migraines in the Mid-Atlantic region to determine if this group of discerning consumers would consider a homeopathic, topical product like Stopain Migraine.

Challenge: Determine if a specific segment of females with migraines would seriously consider a homeopathic product like Stopain Migraine for their migraine relief, and how best to reach them in the marketplace.

Outcomes: Our research identified...

  • How shoppers with migraines learn about migraine relief products.

  • Where women look for OTC pain relief options.

  • What they currently use for migraine pain relief.

  • Their level of willingness to try a new product.

  • Where they go online for health & wellness information.

  • What influencers they look to for tips & ideas.

  • What social media pages & groups they follow for health & wellness.

  • What grabs their attention inside retail stores.

  • What product attributes resonate with them most.

  • How brands can best connect with women like them.

Case study: Shop-along research


Shopping with Millennial mums in NYC
OBE Organic beef from Australia works with Green Purse PR for consumer insights in the US, Middle East and Asia-Pacific. We recently shopped with health-conscious Millennial mums in NYC and Brooklyn to uncover how they purchase beef at Fairway Market stores. 

Challenge: The meat case is increasingly competitive with offerings ranging from conventional, to grass-fed and organic. OBE needed to better understand how Millennial mums make their beef selections and what might influence them to reach for OBE’s organic, grass-fed beef instead of other beef options on the supermarket shelf.

Outcomes: Millennial mums simply want more information about their beef. Mums we shopped with indicated that some food categories such as meat & poultry are more important to understand where the product is coming from, who produces it and how livestock are treated. Given that mums in this market are often living very busy lifestyles, they want information served up to them quickly and easily, such as images of the farmers right at the retail shelf, or on product packaging.

Case Study: Retainer PR 

Saffron Road

Engaging with key consumer communities online to drive awareness of a new brand

Saffron Road is one of America's fastest growing food brands offering over 70 skus of authentic global cuisine products, from shelf-stable simmer sauces to frozen entrees. We worked as an extension of the Saffron Road executive team to successfully launch the brand nationwide at retail, beginning with Whole Foods Market in 2010. According to our research, we knew American Muslim (halal consumers) would be some of the brand’s most passionate advocates, so we initially focused on driving awareness among this demographic. Over time our efforts expanded to target a variety of consumer communities, from moms seeking convenient, chemical-free foods, to the gluten-free community and those interested in experiencing authentic global cuisine.

Our work focused on consumer awareness, trail, brand advocacy and loyalty. Much of our success focused around having a dialogue with key consumers in places where they were already talking about topics such as, natural foods, meal ideas, halal food or international foods. As a result of our approach, Saffron Road has a significant share of voice in both traditional and online media, especially for a young brand competing with much larger, longer- established brands. Saffron Road has grown from just four initial skus and zero brand awareness to now launching more than 50 skus and built annual sales on a pace to reach $35 million.

Services Provided:

  • PR Counsel

  • Consumer Insights

  • Retail Collaborations

  • Media Relations (trade & consumer)

  • Influencer Relations

  • Blogger Outreach

  • Social Community Management

  • Brand Ambassador Program

  • Reputation Management

Case Study: PR Campaign for Trade Show


Launching at Expo West – Garnering exposure to stand out from the crowd
JicaChips, a portfolio company of AccelFoods, is a new healthy snacking brand that makes baked chips out of the root vegetable, jicama. We love supporting clients at key trade shows to help them get the most out of their experience, especially brands that offer new and on-trend products like JicaChips. Our initial project with JicaChips was to garner editorial and social media exposure to help launch their new brand and stand out from the crowd at the 2016 Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim, California. 

Take a look at just some of the media and blog coverage garnered for JicaChips! These media placements below alone add up to over 41 million potential readers/viewers! 

  • Food Navigator USA

  • Project NOSH

  • Hungry Girl

  • US News & World Report

  • New Nutrition Business

  • Vice News - Munchies

  • Food Bev Media

We attend many of the industry's trade shows, such as Expo West, Expo East, Summer Fancy Food Show and Winter Fancy Food Show. We offer PR campaigns around these types of shows. Contact us to learn how we can work together for your next trade show.

Case Study: Retainer PR

OBE Organic

Reaching health-conscious women around the world to drive sales at retail

As one of Australia’s largest exporter of grass-fed, organic beef, OBE Organic's chilled and frozen beef products can be found in various grocery retail outlets across the globe. OBE struggled to have a consistent relationship with consumers and stay top-of-mind as a brand. Previously a brand who engaged in few consumer marketing activities, OBE had little to no relationship with the end users who purchased their beef at supermarkets. Since 2013, we launched a multi-faceted, ongoing social communications program targeting female consumers (and often mums) in places such as Hong Kong, Australia, Singapore, UAE and USA, who are seeking out healthy, chemical-free foods for their families.

Most of our work has focused on engaging directly with key consumer communities, such as health-conscious mums and meat-loving foodies, via social platforms like Instagram, Facebook & Twitter. Key to our success in making OBE into a truly social brand is creating highly-visual and relevant content (food photography, recipes & meal ideas) that fuel OBE’s social pages and demonstrates to their communities how OBE beef can fit into their family meals.

Ultimately OBE’s success is determined by the amount of product they sale. To drive in-store purchases, our online PR collaborations with retailers like Fairway Market in the USA have proven highly successful. Our targeted and ongoing social communications efforts have contributed greatly to growing OBE's business in the USA and other markets.

Services Provided:

  • Social Communications

  • Influencer Program

  • Shop-Along Research

  • Trade Show Support

  • Content Development & Marketing

  • Brand Ambassador Program

  • Blogger & Influencer Relations

  • Retailer Collaborations

  • Media Relations

  • Company Blog