Public Relations Services: PR Support to Drive Influence + Sales

We offer a variety of public relations services, on a long-term retainer or project basis, including the following:

  • Social Media Community Marketing - strategy + ongoing social media management.

  • Digital Communications - website & blog content (B2C + B2B.)

  • Industry Thought Leadership - strategy, training and ongoing support to get your company’s thought leaders in the spotlight.

  • Visual Content Creation - product photography & videography (like ‘path to purchase’ photos & video clips,) and brand videos.

  • Influencer & Blogger Collaborations - leveraging the reach and influence of the right influencer (or influencers) - like health and wellness experts, cookbook authors and food bloggers through paid sponsorships and content creation to reach their qualified audiences. Read our blog post about our influencer collaborations here.

  • Retail Support - new business pitches to potential retail customers, relationship management with your retailers and trade partners, collaborating with retail gatekeepers to connect with their shoppers. Read a blog post about our Retail Support here.