How well do you know your female shoppers? 

One of the biggest challenges our clients face is understanding how women think, behave and buy. Our shop-alongs enable us to take a contextual, anthropological approach to understanding women’s purchase decisions and uncover practical insights for our clients.

Who shop-alongs are for: 
Retailers, brands, certification companies & distributors hoping to better understand & attract female shoppers.

How our shop-alongs work:
Shopping alongside consumers in the retail environment (or online) puts you right in the middle of the buying experience. This form of research is part observational and part interview. After the qualitative study has concluded, we submit a detailed report outlining key findings, feedback from participants and practical recommendations.

Outcomes to expect from shop-alongs:
Our clients gain understanding around the behaviors and attitudes that influence shoppers’ path to purchase.  This methodology helps us identify specific influencers, barriers, and opportunities during the critical purchase-decision process. The insights that follow are likely to impact marketing communications, in-store & online education, product placement, visual merchandising, packaging and how retail partners interact with your products and consumers.

Contact: Lisa Mabe-Konstantopoulos to schedule a shop-along project at lisa {at}

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