We're curious to learn about the gourmet honey products that end up in your shopping cart and into your life.

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Honey is one of the fastest growing categories in the health, functional foods and beauty markets. Green Purse PR is currently recruiting for a new shopper research project focused on gourmet/specialty honey. We're curious to explore how people in San Francisco, California learn about, shop for, and use honey. 

We are experts in the natural products industry and work with companies to better understand how health-conscious consumers shop through our proprietary method of shopper research, including one-on-one shopper interviews and shop-along sessions. 

Who We Want to Interview

We are looking to conduct in person shopper interviews with both women and men located in or near the San Francisco area during October 2018. Whether you buy and use honey as a sweetener, for skincare, or for wellness, we're interested in talking with you about all things honey. Participants must: regularly purchase and use gourmet honey, live in the greater San Francisco area, have disposable income (ideally $150k USD + per household) that allows for buying higher priced items like gourmet honey, and be between the ages of 24 - 45 years old. 


We are recruiting participates for in-home immersive-style research (we won't to get a good idea of how honey fits into your life and can best explore that inside the home environment.) We are also recruiting for some shop-along interviews where we meet at a grocery store and you show us how you shop. Participants will be limited to just one of our research sessions. During each type of interview, we will ask questions to get your thoughts on things like how you learn about new products, packaging, how and why you use honey, product formats, and price points. All shopper interviews are conducted by Green Purse PR's CEO, Lisa Mabe-Konstantopoulos. Learn more about Lisa and her work in shopper research here

What's in it for you

If selected to participate in our research, in exchange for 45 minutes - 1 hour of your time during a shopper interview, we will provide all research participants with compensation -- $50 USD for shop-alongs and $100 USD for in-home interviews. In addition to the gift card, other shopper research participants tell us that simply being able to share their feedback with companies is fun and rewarding. Participants will also likely get some value out of our conversation as well; you might even come away feeling like a honey expert! You will especially enjoy this if you've never participated in shopper research before. In fact, we prefer conducting our research with people who have NOT participated in research before. That's part of our approach and it tends to help us garner the most authentic and useful feedback for our clients. 

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If you are interested in participating, please fill out the form below. Interviews in San Francisco will happen during October, 2018 (exact dates to be dertermined.) We will contact only well qualified participants to schedule a time for our interview. Feel free to share this information with others in the San Francisco area you know that buy and use gourmet honey.

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