We're curious to learn about what meat products end up in your grocery cart and into your home.

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A shift in consumer behavior is currently impacting the meat category inside grocery retailers. Of those consumers who do eat meat, many are demanding meat that's healthier -- such as, meat that's free from antibiotics, and meat that comes from animals who lived better quality lives. There are also consumers who are limiting the amount of meat they eat, and others who are forgoing meat altogether and opting instead for plant-based "meats." 

Green Purse PR is currently recruiting for a new shopper research project focused on how label-conscious meat eaters shop for their meats. We're curious to learn more about how women shop for and cook with meats, such as beef, lamb and poultry on a weekly basis. We're also interested in hearing from those who buy plant-based "meats."

Green Purse PR are experts in the natural products industry and work with companies, like food brands sold at grocery stores, better understand how health-conscious women shop. Our unique approach to understanding consumers is through a method of research called 'shop-alongs.' We shop in person with consumers in stores or on a digital device to learn how they shop for various natural product categories.

This new research project is focused on meat products sold at American grocery stores. We're curious to learn what labels, certifications and product attributes appeal most to health-conscious women (labels such as, USDA Organic, Non-GMO verified, Global Animal Partnership (GAP) rated, Certified Humane, pasture raised, grass fed, grass finished, antibiotic-free, etc.)

Here is who we're looking to shop with, as well as what's in it for you.

Target shoppers | health-conscious American women of all ages

  • Eat meat and regularly purchase meat at the grocery store.
  • Concerned with buying "better" meats.
  • Buys mostly natural and organic products.
  • Look for certain labels on products (third party certifications and product attributes.)

*We are especially keen to conduct our research with women who are pregnant, new mothers and breastfeeding mothers.

What's in it for you? 

If selected to participate in our research -- in exchange for 30-40 minutes of your time during a shop-along, we will provide all research participants with one $50 USD gift card to the American supermarket of your choice.


We're offering a $50 gift card for participating

Those selected to participate in our research will be given one $50 USD gift card to the American supermarket of their choice.

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