We work with a limited number of companies each year on a long-term retainer basis to lead and execute their leading social media marketing programs. We’ve managed social communications for companies such as Saffron Road (USA,) OBE Organic (Australia,) Atkins Ranch (New Zealand,) and Global Animal Partnership (USA.) We work as an extension of our clients’ internal teams to execute best-in-class social media programs that reach the right type of consumers with the right messages, and ultimately help brands in our family of clients get their products into more consumers’ shopping carts.

Once a social strategy is in place, typically our social media retainers include:

  • Monthly social media content calendar.

  • Creating content for social media.

  • Managing all aspects of your social media each day —plan, create, publish, monitor and moderate various social platforms, such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

  • Plan and publish paid advertising each month.

  • Monthly measurement + outcomes report including KPI tracker.

Given our ongoing shopper research and business consulting, we’re only willing to take on a small group of social media retainer clients annually. Companies we choose to support in this way work very closely with us and absolutely must be the right fit — a brand we believe in and can fully integrate with, as well as one that we can envision looking after as if it were our own. We do our very best work when we’re dealing with a category we know very well and one that we’re as passionate about as you are.

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