Ideal for promotion boards, brands, retailers, certification companies & distributors

Shop-along research is a unique technique we use to better understand how health-conscious women shop for your products and how best to meet their needs. We shop alongside women in-person to observe how they shop for our clients’ products inside the retail environment or online.

Through our unique approach to shopper research, our clients gain understanding around the behaviors and attitudes that influence their shoppers’ path to purchase.  This methodology helps us identify specific influencers, barriers, and opportunities during the critical purchase-decision process. The insights that follow are likely to impact marketing communications, in-store & online education, product placement, visual merchandising, content for social media marketing, packaging, and how retail partners interact with your products and consumers.

Deliverables for shopper research are customized to each client, but typically include:

  • Conducting as little as five or as many as 25 shop-along sessions with consumers in your target market. While we focus on female consumer insights, we also shop-along with male consumers. We can conduct these independently, or clients are welcome to join us as well.
  • One report playing back feedback from shoppers, insights and recommendations on how best to connect with your consumers. Our report is usually between 30-45 pages long, and will include photos and video clips from shop-alongs.
  • One presentation (in-person or virtual) of our insights from the report.

We shop with women all over the world, including the USA, France, Australia, Asia and the Middle East.  Want Green Purse PR to shop with your consumers and garner insights to help you better connect with health-conscious female shoppers? Contact us. 

Watch this video that we shot for a recent speaking engagement in Sydney, Australia. The video shows behind-the-scenes of a shop-along, plus some woman-on-the-street style interviews asking health conscious women what they think about products coming from Australia and New Zealand.