New Resource: Download our Marketing to New Moms Checklist

The race is on to capture the Millennial mom market as a constant flow of new moms begin their journey into motherhood and more conscious-consumption. 

According to Baby Center's State of Modern Motherhood Report, 63% of new moms are changing their grocery, food and beverage purchase criteria. A big part of that change is buying more natural and organic products. 

First-time mothers (of which 80% are Millennials) represent a window of opportunity for brands and retailers offering natural, organic and healthy products, from groceries and home cleaning supplies, to body care and home decor. If new moms can be reached while on the cusp of this new life stage (preferably while they are still pregnant), companies could potentially keep them as loyal shoppers for a long time to come.

How are you connecting with new moms? 

DOWNLOAD our new resource, Marketing to New Moms Checklist, to discover some areas to consider when putting together a proactive program to reach moms. Contact Green Purse PR to discuss how we can work with you and your partners to create an effective marketing to moms program.

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