4 Must-Have Ingredients for Effective Media Mailings

4 Must-Have Ingredients for Effective Media Mailings

Part of the work we do at Green Purse PR is keep our clients' products top-of-mind with media and influencers -- from editors at health magazines, to social media influencers popular on Instagram. I often ask media contacts how healthy, natural and organic brands can stand out and gain their attention.

The brands we represent want editorial coverage to reach the right consumer audiences, however peaking the curiosity of media and influencers is easier said than done. Media are constantly being bombarded with pitches from companies each day. Many tell me that despite their best efforts, they simply cannot respond to the huge amount of emails and phone calls they get each day, and weeding through to relevant messages is a job that's never ending.

At a time when everything is so digital, it's nice to receive something tangible and fun delivered right to your desk. Editors, journalists, bloggers and other influencers regularly tell me that they are more likely to remember and write about a product if the physical product is sent to them in a creative and relevant way. This is exactly why we find media mailing campaigns effective and also fun.

Based on our experience in creating cut-through-the-clutter product deliveries for media, we've devised four must-have ingredients for an effective media mailing campaign resulting in getting media's attention and ultimately positive editorial and social media coverage. 

Product mailings need to:

1) Be visually appealing

2) Demonstrate how the product fits into consumers' lives & solves a "problem"

3) Be memorable & useful

4) Be easy to use (timely) for editorial content

Below are some example product mailings, including some that I've worked on.

Photo source: Frank About Women  and Endust

Photo source: Frank About Women and Endust

Photo source: Frank About Women and Endust

Photo source: Frank About Women and Endust

Product deliveries come in all shapes and sizes. Some are simple (maybe just the product itself and a news release), while others are super creative and complex. Sometimes what we create is mailed, sent via courier, or even hand delivered by Green Purse PR. For example, I once hand delivered BISSELL Homecare vacuum cleaners to media in NYC, since we had assembled and decorated the vacuum. We did not expect media to open the box and assemble it themselves, plus it was much more impactful to come by their desk wheeling in a large, stand-up vacuum. I mean, it sucked (literally), but definitely got the attention of curious editors as the vacuum rolled past their desks. 

Creating fun and effective media mailing campaigns is one of my favorite PR projects that we work on at Green Purse PR. If garnering more editorial coverage to reach your consumers is a priority for your brand, chat to me about having Green Purse PR create a media mailing campaign for your product. Our media contacts, especially those that report on natural and organic products, have learned to expect creative and unique product mailings from the brands we represent. Media and influencers regularly contact us for ideas and guidance on healthy products to report on, and we're more than happy to point them in the right direction. You can reach me at lisa {at} greenpursepr.com.

- Lisa Mabe-Konstantopoulos, Founder, Green Purse PR

Header image source: The Confetti Post