Morocco Based Food Magazine: Insights on Americans' Taste Buds & Moroccan Cuisine

Green Purse PR Founder & CEO, Lisa Mabe, shared some of her insights in the June 2016 issue of Food Magazine, a trade publication from Morocco published in the French language. Lisa's commentary focused on the growing specialty food and halal food markets in the USA. and opportunities for food products from, or inspired by, Morocco.

The June issue was printed prior to the Summer Fancy Food Show in New York City, where many food companies from Morocco were exhibiting, hoping to penetrate the diverse American market. 

Our friends at Saffron Road were included in the article and referenced as a case study of success for creating products using recipes from Morocco to appeal to American consumers hungry for authentic Moroccan cuisine. In addition to citing Saffron Road, Lisa also pointed to other companies who have successfully introduced Moroccan products to the US marketplace.