4 Instagram Tips for Brands Looking to Connect with Whole Foods Market Shoppers

4 Tips for Brands to Connect with Whole Foods Market Shoppers

Millennial Whole Foods Market shopper scrolling through WFM's Instagram feed.

Millennial Whole Foods Market shopper scrolling through WFM's Instagram feed.

Part one in a new series of blog post about Whole Foods Market shoppers and how brands can better understand and connect with them.

As a lot of Green Purse PR's clients' products are sold at Whole Foods Market stores, we're always keeping a pulse on Whole Foods Market shoppers - how they think, behave, buy and share. When it comes to social media, Whole Foods Market shoppers tell us that Instagram is one of the main ways they learn about new products, get inspiration on what meals to create at home, and decide what to add into their shopping cart on their next grocery shop.

We recently had a good look at Whole Foods Market's Instagram landscape and identified several ways brands can more effectively connect with the store's shoppers.

Whole Foods Market Instagram, instagram.com/wholefoods.

Whole Foods Market Instagram, instagram.com/wholefoods.

How brands should be leveraging Instagram to connect with more Whole Foods Market shoppers

1. Follow, engage with, and tag individual Whole Foods Market Instagram accounts. Your brand is probably already following the headquarter's account, instagram.com/wholefoods, but are you also following stores in the region or regions where you products are sold? There are currently over 100 Instagram accounts for Whole Foods Market stores in the USA. Some accounts are for individual stores, while others cover entire metro areas. We recently compiled a comprehensive list, which contains 127 Instagram accounts. Click here to purchase our new list, Whole Foods Market Instagram Accounts.

2. Monitor what Whole Foods Market publishes daily. Whole Foods Market is very active in communicating with its shoppers on social. If Whole Foods Market is important to your business, your social media manager or team should be aware of what the retailer is promoting on a regular basis. Follow Whole Foods Market on Instagram and other social media platforms, taking note of the content they share. You're bound to get ideas for your own brand, learn about some new-to-you "food holidays," and find content worth sharing with your social audience as well.

3. Create and publish content on your own Instagram page with Whole Foods Market shoppers in mind. No body knows Whole Foods Market shoppers better than Whole Foods Market. After following the retailer more closely online, you'll develop a better sense of what types of content resonate well with their shoppers, and what doesn't. Apply those learnings to your own brand's content strategy.

4. Identify social influencers on Instagram that already collaborate with Whole Foods Market. Whole Foods Market builds its own reach and influence with shoppers by working with well known foodie and lifestyle influencers. Have a look at Whole Foods Market's most recent Instagram posts and you'll see that many of them are posts from influencers, like food bloggers. Below is an example from @CamilleStyles, the popular lifestyle blog, CamilleStyles.com. If Whole Foods Market sees value in these influencers, it's likely your brand will too. These are the type of influencers you may also want to work with for sponsored Instagram posts, blog posts or other content.


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If you're products are sold at Whole Foods Market, don't miss the Instagram accounts list we mentioned above. 

*** UPDATE April 2019 ** Due to new changes with WFM’s social media accounts, we’ve removed our list from our website as it is no longer current. We do however have another piece of content that may interest you; see our Guide to Winning With Whole Foods Market Shoppers here.