Go To Market USA Workshops

Market Research Workshops for Exporters

Ideal for exporters looking to enter the American market

We conduct workshops all over the world in places like Dubai, Sydney, Tokyo and Kuala Lumpur for a group or private workshop focused on understanding the American consumer market to ensure your export success. We conduct new shopper research with American shoppers here in the USA focused on your product category and bring what we've learned to you, in your home country, for a day of learning and brainstorming.

Each program is customized, but typically includes a half day or full day workshop covering topics such as:

  • Overview of the American retail landscape.

  • Shopper insights including video clips of shoppers telling us first hand how they shop in your product category.

  • Best practices in consumer marketing from other leading exporters who have captured the American market.

  • Real time competitive intelligence to see how competitive brands are merchandising at retail + connecting with shoppers.

  • Resources like a list of retailers in the USA, trade shows to consider attending, list of partners to consider working with, etc.

  • Brainstorming and Q&A sessions to get your questions answered and ensure your brand is on the right path for a successful launch into the American market.

Upon completing one of our Go To Market USA Workshops, clients come away with

  • Knowing which retail channels their products are best suited for (e-commerce sites like Amazon, club stores like Costco, mass supermarkets like Kroger, natural channel like Whole Foods Market, independent stores, etc.)

  • A clear understanding of their target consumers (how they learn about products in your category, how they use them at home and how best to reach shoppers like them.)

  • Understanding what resources may be needed to effectively reach your target consumers (for example, do you need to hire a marketing partner in the USA to drive consumer marketing.)

  • Knowing what your competition is currently doing in the marketplace.

  • Next steps to effectively launch into the American market.

  • Digital and/or printed copies (translated, if required) of all materials presented during the workshop. 

All workshops are conducted by Green Purse PR’s Founder & CEO, Lisa Mabe-Konstantopoulos, who is extremely knowledgable about the American market. Workshops are conducted in English, however we can provide a professional translator to co-present, in any language required.

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