3 New Resources From Green Purse PR

3 New Resources from Green Purse PR

Check out our new 'Resources' section here on our website, www.greenpursepr.com/resources, for three new pieces of content that may be beneficial to you. 

Here's a quick look at what's available:

1) Guide to Shop-Along Research - If you're new to the concept of "shop-along research," this is a quick guide to inform you why other companies like yours conduct this type of research, as well as the types of questions to ask yourself when considering, 'how well do you know your health-conscious, female shoppers?' Download the guide here

2) Marketing to New Moms Checklist - We know that new mothers are a driving force in the growth of natural and organic products. Discover some areas to consider when putting together a proactive program to reach new, health-conscious moms. Download the checklist here

3) Timeline for When to Pitch Media - Do you know the difference between "long lead" and "short lead" media? When you have a story to tell, it's important to make sure you get your pitch timing right so your news can be published at just the right time. Download our pitch timeline here

If you find these useful, or want to learn more about the research and public relations services we offer, contact me, Lisa Mabe, at lisa {at} greenpursepr {dot} com, or fill out our contact form

Print out of Green Purse PR's new Guide to Shop-Along Research

Print out of Green Purse PR's new Guide to Shop-Along Research