Get to know your female millennial consumers

Get to Know YOUR Female Millennial Consumers - Green Purse PR's New #GetInHerCart Workbook

How well do you know your female millennial consumers? Unless you're shopping alongside your consumers, you may have no idea how they learn about products, who influences their purchases or how your products fit into their lives.

Read on to download our new #GetInHerCart Workbook all about health-conscious, female, millennial shoppers.

#GetInHerCart Workbook Cover by Green Purse PR

#GetInHerCart Workbook Cover by Green Purse PR

At Green Purse PR we conduct in-person shop-along research to understand how health-conscious women around the world shop for healthy products in stores and online. Much of the time, our research is focused on understanding how millennial women think, behave, and buy so our clients can better connect with and sell to this group of influential consumers. 

Why millennials are so hot right now

Do you keep seeing millennials this and millennials that every time you read trade news? While other generations are also important and have money to spend, millennials are unique from others in their tendency to influence not only other millennials, but also other generations as well. In the area of healthy, natural and organic products, millennials are especially important as they can help make or break a brand.

How millennial women are different

Female millennials are in some cases very different from their male counterparts, as well as women from other generations. Firstly, women typically have a much more complex approach to decision making when it comes to buying products, like vitamins, a frozen entrée, pre-made baby food or even a deodorant. A lot of different factors and thought can go into why she buys a particular product or enjoys staying loyal to a particular brand. How she learns about products can also be quite different. In our research with millennial women, we often find that many of them are learning about products through social media like Instagram and sometimes even putting them in their online shopping cart (like instantly from their mobile phone.

Millennial women engaging with brands & retailers

Millennial women love to show off their natural lifestyles to others – to their networks offline and online, especially on social media. Millennials are more open to having a stronger connection with or perhaps even a relationship with brands, especially the ones with products she is most passionate about. They are often willing to go out of their way to advocate for your brand. A good example of this is Whole Foods Market shoppers. We observe how millennial women who shop at WFM interact with the brand online and how passionate they are about sharing their experiences there with others. It’s common to find moms, for example, who post photos from the store to show a new product, like a cute eco-friendly thermos, that they’ve found for their child. 

How millennial women shop

Syndicated research is useful, but what’s even more helpful at a very practical level for your business’ marketing is custom research with your shoppers right in the path to purchase. Not just any shoppers, but ones who already shop at places where your products are sold, the people who can actually buy your products.

What you can learn from shopping with millennials

If you’re not shopping with your consumers, you are without a doubt missing valuable knowledge, insight and ideas that could take your brand to the next level. Here are some of the things our clients learn from our shop-along research.

•       What makes it into women’s shopping carts and why.

•       How shoppers are learning about their products or products in their category.

•       How to stand out on the retail shelf and ways retailer partners can help.

•       Better understand a specific retailer partner’s shoppers and their unique needs.

•       How their product fits into the lifestyle of the shopper.

•       If and how they are open to connecting with a brand.

•       What sort of content they would like to see from brands on social media.

Millennial women are often what we call "super consumers" as they have the network and willingness to advocate for brands they're passionate about, and therefore can influence other millennials, as well as others from other generations as well.

Learn more about this topic by listening to this recent interview where our CEO, Lisa Mabe, talks about the value of understanding female millennial consumers.

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